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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10:49AM - 2010

holy cowzer, first entry in SIX YEARS.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

9:35PM - not sure...

what i'm doing with this page.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

12:10PM - saints+sinners 7.12.03

yep. i've been at s+s for a year now. can you believe it?

in order. *beats. mad beats. 80s unless noted.

u2/where the streets have no name
the call/walls came down
billy joel/uptown girl
yello/oh yeah
peter gabriel/big time*
pulsars/technology* (97)
savage garden/i want you (97)
joy electric/make my life a prayer* (97)
book of love/alice everyday*
the farm/altogether now (91)
romantics/talking in your sleep*
debbie gibson/only in my dreams*
jets/crush on you*
tom petty/jammin me
you can't do that on tv theme
dead milkmen/punk rock girl
they might be giants/we're the replacements
replacements/alex chilton
records/starry eyes*
bruce springsteen/dancing in the dark*
fleetwood mac/hold me*
hall&oates/kiss is on my list*
prince/you got the look*
flesh for lulu/i go crazy*
depeche mode/dreaming of me*
limahl/neverending story*
the smiths/panic
kenny loggins/i'm alright
pee wee's playhouse theme
general public/tenderness
psychedelic furs/ghost in you
the cure/in between days
alphaville/guardian angel (98)
anything box/living in oblivion*
sunscreem/love u more* (91)
madonna/causing a commotion*
cyndi lauper/goonies
inxs/good times
erasure/chorus (91)
gary numan/cars

Sunday, March 9, 2003

8:07PM - i'm gonna hold you in close,

gonna wrap you up tight. gonna play with the braids that you came here with tonite. i'm gonna hold your face and toast the snow that fell. cause friends don't waste wine when there's words to sell.

Monday, December 30, 2002

5:48PM - saints+sinners 12.14.02

80s unless noted. in order. 9-11pm.

tears for fears/woman in chains
jesus&mary chain/halfway to crazy
renegade soundwave/positive id (94)
the specials/ghost town
eurythmics/there must be an angel
elvis costello/accidents will happen
omd/joan of arc
xtc/life begins at the hop
the smiths/some girls are bigger than others
men at work/overkill
electronic/get the message (92)
madonna/who's that girl
matthew sweet/girlfriend (92)
folk implosion/natural one (94)
new order/world in motion (93)
sisters of mercy/more (90)
pop will eat itself/can u dig it?
blondie/heart of glass
the cure/charlotte sometimes
a flock of seagulls/wishing
the fixx/red skies
prince/i would die 4 u
evil dead groovy mix
abc/look of love
book of love/alice everyday (91)
psychedelic furs/pretty in pink
the jam/town called malice
omd/tesla girls
dead or alive/brand new lover
sunscreem/love u more (92)
anything box/living in oblivion
new order/true faith
nitzer ebb/lightning man

saints&sinners. a lounge/club/bar.
558 smithtown bypass (347). smithtown. suffolk county.
corner of route 111 and 347. next to dunkin donuts/baskin robbins.
(631) 979-6561

Monday, December 9, 2002

6:14PM - saints+sinners 12.07.02

this was definitely the wildest nite i have
experienced at s+s. not too exciting, but interesting.

9:30pm-11pm. in order. i was forced
to play some depeche mode. 80s unless noted.

camouflage/that smiling face
dream academy/life in a northern town
u2/angel of harlem
ween/push the little daisies (93)
ziggy marley/tomorrow people
hooters/day by day
midge ure/dear god
moodswings/spiritual high
michael penn/no myth
fine young cannibals/she drives me crazy
daniel ash/get out of control (91)
they might be giants/purple toupee
alphaville/big in japan
depeche mode/dreaming of me, fly on the windscreen, shake the disease,
sacred, new life, everything counts, people are people
heathcliff theme song
simple minds/alive and kicking
tommy tutone/867-5309 (request)
pete shelley/homosapien (request)
echo & the bunnymen/seven seas

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

1:54PM - saints+sinners 11.16.02

fun times. erich actually went and enjoyed it.
there actually was some dancing involved.
in order. all 80s unless noted.

eurythmics/here comes the rain again
peter murphy/cuts you up (90)
the cure/high (92)
inxs/kiss the dirt
the smiths/panic
morrissey/every day is like sunday
growing pains theme song
erasure/victim of love
frankie goes to hollywood/two tribes
english beat/save it for later
pet shop boys/what have i done..
talk talk/it's my life
psychedelic furs/love my way
prince/raspberry beret
depeche mode/everything counts
joy division/love will tear us apart
front 242/welcome to paradise

music: 80s dance, new wave, synthpop, rock, etc.
DJs kenyon, baby hair, jen doe.
21+. 80 cents--$3
kenyon usually plays around 10-11pm

saints&sinners. a lounge/club/bar.
558 smithtown bypass (347). smithtown. suffolk county.
corner of route 111 and 347. next to dunkin donuts/baskin robbins.
(631) 979-6561

Friday, November 15, 2002

5:56PM - saints+sinners 11.09.02

saturday nite. i spun the depeche mode set.
in order. all 80s unless noted. people celebrating
birthdays again. and this really icky goth/industrial
girl who i've never even seen before comes up to me and
asked me to stop playing bad music (ie bryan adams)
and play good music (ie madonna). and oh yeah,
NOBODY danced to any of this. fucking lame.

depeche mode (9-10pm)
route 66
little 15
only when i lose myself (97?)
things you said
fly on the windscreen (remix)
it's called a heart
master and servant
dreaming of me
new life
see you
world in my eyes (90)
meaning of love
never let me down again

tears for fears/head over heals
world party/way down now (90)
they might be giants/the statue got me high (92)
bryan adams/this time
blondie/heart of glass
outfield/your love
madonna/lucky star
heaven 17/let me go
dominatrix/dominatrix sleeps tonite
new order/true faith
jem theme
lords of the new church/russian roulette
the cure/the walk
rem/the one i love
adam ant/stand and deliver
a-ha/train of thought
the smiths/there is a light
missing persons/destination unknown
ladytron/playgirl (01)
soft cell/sex dwarf
nitzer ebb/murderous
kim wilde/kids in america

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

12:53AM - saints+sinners 11.02.02

saturday night. 10-11:20pm.
in order. 80s unless noted.
lots of people were there for a party.
and i matched some beats. fun.

camouflage/that smiling face
echo & the bunnymen/people are strange
cocteau twins/iceblink luck (91)
concrete blonde/happy birthday
smiths/girlfriend in a coma
the cure/10:15 saturday night
midge ure/dear god
altered images/happy birthday
icicle works/whisper to a scream
peter godwin/images of heaven
phil collins/sisudio
inspector gadget theme
pet shop boys/west end girls
when in rome/the promise
omd/enola gay
flock of seagulls/telecommunication
inxs/good times
jesus jones/right here right now/91
siouxsie & the banshees/kiss them for me/91
the fixx/red skies
renegade soundwave/biting my nails
killing joke/eighties
jesus & mary chain/head on (89!)
depeche mode/question of time

Thursday, October 31, 2002

2:10PM - alone i admire

tonite i will be *here*:

thurs. oct. 31, 2002
Darla Records CMJ showcase at Club Luxx (Brooklyn, NY)

8 pm - Color Filter
9 pm - Pale Horse and Rider
10 pm - Auburn Lull
11 pm - Mahogany
12 am - Flowchart

door open at 7pm.

Club Luxx -- 256 Grand St. (btwn Driggs and Roebling), Williamsburg Brooklyn NY


Monday, October 28, 2002

4:12PM - saints+sinners 10.26.02

saturday night. in order. 9-11:30pm!
including the depeche mode hour!

depeche mode
waiting for the night
blasphemous rumors
leave in silence
world in my eyes
dreaming of me
question of lust
shake the disease
policy of truth
see you
question of time
get the balance right
behind the wheel
people are people
enjoy the silence
everything counts
strange love


billy joel/uptown girl
cheap trick/if you want my love
abc/look of love
smiths/boy with the thorn
police/synchronicity II
the cure/perfect girl
candyskins/submarine song (91)
bryan adams/this time
tears for fears/mothers talk
diff'rent strokes theme
men at work/overkill
red rockers/china
culture club/do you really want to hurt me
M/pop muzik
wham/everything she wants
ocean blue/between something and nothing
the farm/all together now (91)
when in rome/the promise
buggles/video killed the radio star
kenny loggins/i'm alright
sisters of mercy/more (91)
corey hart/sunglasses at night
prince/raspberry beret
human league/sound of the crowd

Monday, October 21, 2002

11:25PM - saints+sinners 10.19.02

saturday night. in order. 10-11pm
all 80s unless otherwise noted.

berlin/take my breath away
the smiths/these things take time
band aid/do they know it's christmas
the cars/just what i needed (78)
human league/the things that dreams are made of
psychedelic furs/heartbeat
simple minds/all the things she said
madonna/where's the party
saved by the bell theme
the cure/lovecats
yaz/don't go
erasure/chorus (91)
incredible moses leroy/1983 (01)
go-go's/get up and go
altered images/happy birthday
hooters/day by day
book of love/alice everyday (91)
eurythmics/love is a stranger
oakey-moroder/electric dreams

Monday, October 14, 2002

3:25PM - saints+sinners 10.12.02

in order. 10-11:30pm!
all 80s unless otherwise noted.

u2/where the streets have no name
big audio dynamite/bottom line
police/don't stand so close to me (86 version)
harold faltermeyer/axel f
big country/fields of fire
rem/pretty persuasion
david lee roth/just a gigolo
hall&oates/private eyes
terence trent d'arby/wishing well
baltimora/tarzan boy
sinead o'connor/hands on me
bronski beat/small town boy
the cure/friday i'm in love (92)
joy electric/make my life a prayer (97)
inxs/calling all nations
book of love/boy
tears for fears/head over heals
siouxsie&the banshees/peek-a-boo
new order/age of consent
ultravox/dancing with tears in my eyes
pete shelley/homosapien
proclaimers/500 miles
tommy tutone/867-5309
duran duran/hold back the rain

saints&sinners. 558 smithtown bypass (347). smithtown. suffolk county.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

1:20PM - saints+sinners 10.05.02

saturday night. no more sundays.
10-11pm. in order. yay!

peter gabriel/sledgehammer
they might be giants/racist friend
10,000 maniacs/what's the matter here
meryn cadell/the sweater
kwame/the rhythm
three's company theme
b-52's/channel z
ultravox/all stood still
spandeau ballet/gold
haircut 100/boy meets girl
the police/de do do do...
abc/how to be a millionaire
max q/way of the world
the smiths/shoplifters of the world
flock of seagulls/telecommunication
general public/tenderness
love & rockets/all in my mind

Monday, September 30, 2002

2:46PM - saints+sinners 9.28.02

80s. saturday night. 10-11:15pm. mostly in order!

school of fish/three strange days (1991)
emf/lies (1991)
gene love jezebel/motion of love
pat benatar/shadows of the night
b-52's/private idaho
u2/i will follow
omd/so in love
simple minds/promised you a miracle
inxs/the one thing
gang of four/man in uniform
ministry/i wanted to tell her
human league/fascination
the cure/let's go to bed
jem theme song
echo & the bunnymen/never stop
duran duran/the reflex
psychedelic furs/love my way
missing persons/destination unknown
the smiths/sheila take a bow
nitzer ebb/lightning man

Saturday, September 28, 2002

2:22PM - she's a superstar

last weekend at S+S. not bad at all. saturday, i spun from about 8:30-10:30pm and i was finally able to check out some of joseph's vinyl that's been downstairs and there was some decent stuff. but i dont think i'll be spinning till 10:30 much longer. i even heard the new commercial for s+s on wlir and it mentioned the "depeche mode hour" at 9pm. blech. sunday was irky cause i got there at like 9:30 and i forgot that there was a "renaissance" party there. joseph was spinning. it was like a little after 10 and then joseph walks by me and says "you got five minutes". and i was like, oh damn! so i went up and kept the party going. um yeah, something like that.

monday night the crazy pablo and i went to brian jonestown massacre at bowery ballroom. holy shit, man, i met *anton* before the show. he was much cooler and friendly than i expected. i even got a photo taken with him and me. werd up. so yeah it kinda sucked that there werent more people there, but i mean, bowery ballroom is kinda a large venue for them, even for a monday night. the other bands were dead meadow (which i wasnt too crazy about, they were like stoner rock or something) and the realistics (who i dont care much for, i saw them open for the strokes). so during the realistics set we were downstairs the whole time. so after they played we went back up to the stage. i was handing out some promo fliers for my show and it just so happened that this one boy, jared, has been listening to my show for quite a while now, so that was cool. he's like really into bjm too. so anyways the band was great, although i was dissappointed with the lack of any psychedelic lighting, which would be very appropriate for them, but they dont seem to have a set list, so i guess thats why its like that. oh well. but otherwise it was really cool cause since the place was only like 1/3 full we had so much space to move around, dance, whatever. and it was actually cool (temperature!) in there! so that was all cool but then we get back to crazy pablo's car around the corner and see that some assholes broke in and stole the stereo and some other shit. fucking weak.

Friday, September 27, 2002

7:47PM - saints+sinners 9.21.02

80s night. saturday.
i spun three hours straight on sunday and didnt
write any of it down. yipe!

this is actually in order now.

phil collins/against all odds
john cougar/little pink houses
crowded house/don't dream it's over
michael mcdonald/sweet freedom
lionel richie/all night long
don henley/boys of summer
fresh prince/summertime
bryan adams/this time
echo & the bunnymen/back of love
naked eyes/always something there...
go-go's/this town
b-52's/52 girls
outfield/your love
thomas dolby/one of our submarines
heaven 17/fascist groove thing
paul simon/boy in the bubble
culture club/miss me blind
ramones/teenage labotomy
clash/police and thieves
adam ant/ant music
red rockers/china
records/starry eyes
fat albert theme
cure/how beautiful you are
pop will eat itself/def con 1
swing out sister/break out
electronic/get the message

Saturday, September 21, 2002

12:43PM - saints+sinners 9.15.02


there were actually some people there.
joseph didnt show up. so i spun for 3 hours straight.
werd up. here's most of the playlist. not in order.

rolling stones/satisfaction
police/invisible sun
depeche mode/everything counts
smiths/you've got everything now
u2/stories for boys, two hearts beat as one
duran duran/new moon on monday
echo&the bunnymen/do it clean
kitchens of distinction/quick as rainbows
stone roses/i am the resurrection
brmc/love burns
new order/age of consent
ladytron/the way that i found you
pulp/i'm a man
oasis/some might say
strokes/hard to explain
pixies/monkey gone to heaven
darkside/she don't come
rem/fall on me
lemonheads/great big NO
verve/bittersweet symphony
eurythmics/here comes the rain again
spongebob squarepants theme
they might be giants/ana ang
beck/devils haircut
ween/push the little daisys
urge overkill/girl you'll be a woman

Thursday, September 19, 2002

3:52PM - radio ga-ga

this guy is too kind. he sent me an email that goes like this:


Saturday, September 14, 2002

3:27PM - saints+sinners 9.8.02

most of what i spun. not in order.

depeche mode/leave in silence, route 66
smiths/some girls are bigger, cemetary gates
yaz/don't go
de-vision/your hands on my skin
pulsars/my pet robot
wolfsheim/i don't love you anymore
heathcliff theme song
morrissey/everyday is like sunday
ziggy marley/tomorrow people
pixies/here comes your man
beatles/hard days night
strokes/modern age
cardigans/love fool
folk implosion/natural one
jesus jones/right here, right now
beta band/dry the rain
cocteau twins/lorelei
lush/shake baby shake
ladytron/another breakfast with you
fiona apple/sleep to dream
the cure/high, a forest
iris/saving time
basement jaxx/broken dreams

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